Using 500.Trade- a sneak-peek into technical aspects!!

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By so far you might already know about 500. Trade if you are someone who is looking for some social trading platform to initiate trading with. You might have also went through the articles covering 500 trade review but still missed some facts that you should consider before starting to trade with the particular platform.

So lets’ for a quick sum up let me tell what the platform is all about. 500. Trade is a web-based platform that alleges to be among the best trading websites to provide the best broking and trading experience ever with its ever advanced technology features along with robust security.

What does it claim?

Trade claims itself to be an innovative, simple, and trustworthy online platform that tends to offer one of the best prices. They have more than 70 assets for the clients to trade internationally including CFDs and forex pairs. They further do not charge any commissions.

Tradable Market on the platform

As already known that there are 5 different accounts that you can go for, based on your needs, once you have made up your mind, there comes the time to decide the market you want to trade in.

On analyzing the website thoroughly you will get to know that they have quite a good number of markets to deal in as per the interests of people. Some of the examples that I want to mention in this 500 trade review are DEGIRO, Crypto-currencies, stocks, commodities, forex, and indices.

So, based on the trading style you are more comfortable with, you can choose from the variety of choices that the platform has. One added benefit that you will get is that the platform has provided a detailed general idea of various market genres for a better understanding of its dynamics.

Technical Aspects

Making the best use of the technology, the 500 Trade allows you to trade through your smartphones, tablets, pc, or laptops. Its user interface is extremely classy and easy to use. One can easily pick an asset up for trading; further, it is depicted via an understandable graph. Now any beginner can give the best shot in trade using the number of helpful tools available.


500.Trade allows the users to make the deposits easily for which they have various payment options. Deposits can be done via MasterCard, Visa, and lastly the e-wallets. Not only is this but they further have an option of making the payment through bitcoin.

The major aim of the platform is to keep their security intact throughout. Thereby, the software they use is just as similar to what reputed banks are using currently. So, there is nothing to doubt about their technical and security point of view.

Final Verdicts

So, according to our 500 trade review, we think that it can be a great broker for you to start your trading with as it not only easy to use but also is a secure option to choose from. They might be new and also not much information is available on the internet about the platform, but we have tried our best to gather everything up that you might consider.

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