4 Most Common Online Slot Machines to Consider

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People always love to spend a lot of time playing games in online casinos. Around 80% of total gamblers love to play slot game because how easy it is to play. Due to the easy gameplay and completely random approach in slot gaming industry people always prefer them as their ideal choice. The popularity of slot machine was decreasing before online platform introduced. The introduction of online platform worked as a bonus point to increase the popularity of these games.

Due to the convenience and many other features people always prefer online slot to play these games because it was very difficult for people back than to travel miles in order to access these games. There are some common choices that you can choose between slot machines.

Most Common Slot Machines

1. Classic Reel Slots

Classic reel slots are one of the most famous types of slot machine because it is said to be the first machine ever which was introduced in casino industry. It is very simple and the simplicity of this machinemade people fall in love with this type. It is very simple to play. User only have to pull a lever in order to execute the spin.

The randomness of number or symbols is decided by random number generator programme which is used in both land based and 123bet online casinos.

2. 5 Reel Slots

5-reel slots is second most popular type of slot machine. It is also considered as video slot and an upgraded version of classic reel slots. Today it is mostly preferred by user who does like to have gaming experience with high quality graphics and audio.

It can provide user with best 3D experience you can get. The reason behind it being called video slot is because it does not utilise any kind of real to show the symbol. Instead of using a real machine uses or display and instead of using a handle they use physical button to make the spin. Due to their technical advancement people started calling this slot machine as video slot.

3. Progressive Jackpot Slots

This slot machine is preferred by everyone over the globe because it can provide user with a higher probability of winning a huge amount. User only have to invest very few bucks in order to qualify for the jackpot round and win huge amount to make their all dream possible.

4. I – Slots 

This type of slot is known as interactive slot because whenever people feel bored, they can simply switch to mini games. Mini games are very exciting, and you can play games like golf and other type of interesting game to keep your heads up. Entertainment of other things are also important because if people keep on getting bored with a single type, they always wanted to try something new. Interactive slots are best known for providing a lot of other entertainment features to their user.


Land based casino were not able to provide user with a lot of slot machines. However, online platform does not have to install any kind of physical machine in their website. So they can simply install a lot of software’s at single place to provide user with a wide range of selection.

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