Betist Is One Of The Trustworthy And Legalized Online Sports Betting Sites

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Have you ever heard of a betting website? Are you aware of the potential legal ramifications? While considering the sports betting sites for the first time, it’s certain to feel overwhelmed. You will be amazed to know about the various legal online betting sites in India. The Indian betting industry is considered to be worth $60 billion.

Is it true that sports betting websites are legal?

Let’s take a look at the gambling regulations in India before we analyze whether or not sports betting is permitted in India. There are various rules in gambling legislation that distinguishes between what is lawful and what is illegal. Betting and gaming legislation has been added to the state list. The Public Gambling Act of 1867 applies to the majority of the state. Despite the fact that gambling is outlawed in India, internet sports sites like betist are completely safe to use. However, stay away from physical gambling establishments, as this is considered a criminal offence. If caught, a person may be sentenced to prison, fined, or arrested.

The activities are divided into two groups by the gambling laws: games of chance and games of skill.

Top legal online sport betting sites in India


It is one of the most user-friendly cricket betting sites, making it excellent for beginners, but it offers poor customer service and only a few promos.

  1. 22BET

It is a betting site with a huge selection of sports such as cricket and football, as well as outstanding customer service via live chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, its betting platform is fairly old.


It is one of the most reputable betting companies, and it has just created a special sportsbook for Indian sports gamblers.


It boasts a straightforward and user-friendly layout, making it one of India’s largest virtual sports betting sites. However, the sportsbook is on the tiny side, and the customer care team is ineffective.


It offers a wide range of sports betting possibilities, as well as regular promotions and incentives.

Take away

There is a chance that sports betting sites will be authorized in all of India’s states. Many states have already begun to regulate and legalize gambling. Centralized legislation can also aid in the legalization of gambling. As a result, the Indian government should formally allow online sports betting firms.

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