Bologna City Branding

Proposal mentioned by the jury of the the Bologna City Branding contest.

Gran Recapte 2013

Food drive organized by the Food Bank of Catalonia.

La Marea

January 2014 cover.

Bodegas Terras Gauda

11th edition of Francisco Mantecón International Advertising Poster Design Competition.

Summer food drive

Summer food drive organized by the Food Bank of Catalonia.

Instagram your city

Web design for a project launched by the Turism Office of Costa Brava.


Identity and interior design for a craftmade ice cream store

Come on baby light my xmas

A website for lighting Christmas up

Gran Recapte 2012

Food drive organized by the Food Bank of Catalonia


Dictionary which contains terms of a personal language.

Migas’ minisite

Web introducing our book Migas migrantes.

Migas migrantes

A picture book, a portrait of a small nomadic family.

Great Theater Cervantes of Tangier

Identity and visual communication to sustain a great theater.


Studio nariz’s visual diary.


Studio identity.

Yorokobu Cover

Creative proposal for a editorial competition.

The Big Show

Audiovisual remix project.

La ramera

Design, web development, illustration and text for a cinema site.


Typeface design of a font designed for small text.

Combination platters

A love story, drawn frame by frame.


Design and architecture for a corporate website.


Corporate identity for a wine cellar.

The Montesas

Handmade lettering.


A drawn book, a face to face between two illustrators.